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Infrared Roof Inspections from Apple Infrared ConsultingInfrared Roof Inspections

Infrared roof inspections:

  • Do you have a commercial building with a flat roof, are concerned about leakage?
  • A commercial roofer and want to improve your business?
  • Own a home with a flat or low sloped roof with ongoing leaks that cant seem to get fixed?
  • Call or email us to discuss a thermal, infrared moisture analysis.
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Moisture Investigations and Infrared Thermography Investigations:

  • We have building science knowledge and the right tools and training, our moisture investigation skills will get to the bottom of most moisture mysteries.
  • Have a home that is built with a slab foundation and suspect you have moisture damage?
  • The use of Infrared Thermography can minimize risk by uncovering hidden problems in the building envelope; moisture intrusion, insulation issues, energy leaks, plumbing leaks…etc.
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Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems Inspections (EIFS)

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems Inspections (EIFS):

  • EIFS, Dryvit, or Stucco exterior systems and are a non load bearing, barrier wall, exterior cladding systems whose components are: Insulation board, Glass Fiber reinforcing mesh, a base coat weather barrier and a textured finish coat.
  • When moisture gets behind EIFS, it can be trapped and will contribute to decay of the structural lumber.
  • If you own a building or residence with EIFS, Dryvit or Stucco exterior system or are you considering buying one? Having an Exterior Design Institute Certified EIFS Inspector perform a building analysis can be a big advantage.
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