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Commercial inspections

Commercial inspections:

  • Before purchasing any commercial property it is important to have a comprehensive inspection to insure it is safe and well maintained. That’s where we can help.
  • To protect you investment, it is very important to have a comprehensive commercial property inspection. We can provide a complete inspection focusing on the structure, mechanicals, electrical and safety. We can also focus on the area or areas you have concerns with as opposed to a complete inspection.
  • We focus on commercial buildings classified as any buildings under 3 stories and under 100,000 Sq. Ft.
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Building Diagnostics

Building Diagnostic Survey or Infrared Thermography Investigations:

  • The use of Infrared Thermography can minimize risk by uncovering hidden problems in the building envelope; moisture intrusion, insulation issues, energy leaks, plumbing leaks…etc.
  • Have a hydronic, heated floor system in your concrete slab home, or in your bathroom that is not working or leaking, we can find the location.
  • Have a home that is built on a slab and suspect you have moisture damage?
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Indoor Air Quality check - Apple Infrared St Louis home inspection

Indoor Air Quality Sampling:

  • Allergies and asthma effect one in five Americans and contribute to 100 million lost workdays and 10 million lost schools days a year.
  • If there was a way to know if you are breathing healthy air in your home or office, would you not want to know?
  • A Home Air Check™ Professional test will provide you a total assessment of the air you are breathing every day. The test is cost effective and a comprehensive audit of the chemicals in the air you are breathing.
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Aluminum Branch Circuits

Aluminum Branch Circuits in Residential Homes:

  • Do you have one of the thousands of homes in the area that has aluminum wiring and are concerned?
  • Warm switch or receptacle face plates.
  • Strange or distinctive odor or the smell of burning plastic in the vicinity of a receptacle or switch.
  • Flickering of lights not traceable to appliances or obvious external causes.
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Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems Inspections (EIFS)

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems Inspections (EIFS):

  • EIFS, Dryvit, or Stucco exterior systems typically have low quality installations and lack maintenance, a qualified inspector can identify and recommend solutions.
  • If you own a building or residence with EIFS, Dryvit or Stucco exterior system or are you considering buying one? Having an Exterior Design Institute Certified EIFS Inspector perform a building analysis can be a big advantage. A properly trained EIFS inspector may be the only solution owners have to determine the condition of the exterior of their home or commercial building
  • Building a new home or commercial building with an EIFS exterior, hire a certified EIFS inspector to insure it is being installed/built properly to manufacturer recommendations, a step by step phase inspection process.
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